ADAMS, John Chamber Symphony (1st Russian perf.)
ADES, Thomas Catch
ALBERT, Stephen Music from the Stone Harp WP, Treestone
ALEXANDER, Kathryn Song of Songs WP
ANDERSON, T.J. Beyond Silence WP, Variations on a Theme by M.B. Tolson
ANDRIESSEN, Louis The New Math(s)
ANTHEIL, George Serenade No. 1
APPLETON, Jon Soviet/U.S. Dances WP
ARRELL, Chris All Fall Down, Narcissus/echo, Convergence WP
BACH, J.S. Brandenburg Concerti 1,2,3; Ricercar a 6 from the Musical Offering
BABBITT, Milton All Set, Composition for 4 Instruments
BAINBRIDGE, Simon Voicing (1st US perf.)
BEDFORD, David Music for Albion Moonlight
BEEVER, Zachary
Curent WP
BERG, Alban Chamber Concerto for Piano, Violin & 13 Winds
BERGER, Arthur Septet
BERGER, Mark Dream Dances WP
BERIO, Luciano Chemins II, Differences (1st US perf.), Folk Songs, O King, Tempi concertati
BIRTWISTLE, Harrison Canon, Meridian (1st US perf), Lessons in a Frame (1st US perf.)
BLACHER, Boris Oktett
BLITZSTEIN, Marc Suite from the film Surf & Seawood
BOLCOM, William Session 3, Sextet (1st US perf.)
BOULEZ, Pierre Derive I, Petite derives (en echo), Eclat, Improvisation sur Mallarme I & II, Le marteau sans maitre
BOURLAND, Roger From the Sacred Harp WP
BOYCE, William Symphony No. 7
BOYKAN, Martin Elegy WP
BRANT, Henry All Souls Carnival, Homage to the Marx Brothers, Invisible Rivers WP, Pathways to Security WP, Revenge Before Breakfast
BRITTEN, Benjamin Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings
BRODY, Martin What the Dead Know WP, Scene from Bisclavret WP, Rilke Song WP
BROWN, Earl Syntagm III, Times 5, Tracking Pierrot
BULLER, John The Melian Debate
CAGE, John Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music, Credo in US, Score, 6 Short Inventions, Thoreau Sketches
CARTER, Elliott Canon for 4, Homage to William, Con legerezza pensosa, Double Concerto, A Mirror on Which to Dwell, Tempo e tempi, Triple Duo, Double Trio (first Boston perf.)
CASELLA, Alfredo Pupazetti
CASTIGLIONI, Niccolo Consonante, Tropi
CHASALOW, Eric In the Works WP, Suspicious Motives WP
CHEN, Shi-Hui "i" WP
CHEN Yi Sparkle, Qi
CHILD, Peter Ensemblance WP, Songs of Bidpai WP, Tableaux II WP, Rilke Songs WP
CHILDS, Barney Jack's New Bag
CHOU wen-chung Echoes from the Gorge, Seven Poems of the T'ang Dynasty, Twilight Colors WP, Two Miniatures of T'ang (1st European perf.), Windswept Peaks, Ode to the Eternal Pine
COPLAND, Aaron Appalachian Spring, Nonet, Sextet
CORCORAN, Frank Mad Sweeney  first US performance
CORELLI, Arcangelo Concerto Grosso in G minor, Op. 6, No. 8
CORNELL, Richard Thrushfield WP, Tracer WP, Umai's Journey WP
COREA, Chick Isfahan
COWELL, Henry Ostinato Pianissimo, Quartet Romantic
CROCKETT, Donald The Cinnamon Peeler
CRUMB, George Ancient Voices of Children, An Idyll for the Misbegotten, 11 Echoes of Autumn, Night of the 4 Moons, Songs, Drones & Refrains of Death
CURRIER, Sebastian Vocalissimus
CUSTER, Arthur Interface No. 2 WP
DALBAVIE, Marc Andre Palimpsestre (1st US perf.)
DALLAPICCOLA, Luigi Cinque frammenti di Saffo, Due liriche di Anacreonte, Goethe Lieder, Piccola musica notturna, Sex carmina alcaei
DAUGHERTY, Michael Dead Elvis WP (& 1st Italian perf.), Flamingo (1st UK perf.), Lex, Little Firecracker, Lounge Lizards, Sinatra Shag WP, These Boots . . WP
DAVIDOVSKY, Mario Biblical Songs, Quartetto, Sefarad WP, Synchronisms No. 2
DAVIS, Anthony Ifa the Oracle - Esu the Trickster
DEAK, John The Ugly Duckling
DEAN, Brett
Sextet  (first Boston perf.)
DEBUSSY/SMITH, Hale Pagodes & Soiree dans Grenade WP
DENISOV, Edison La vie en rouge
DI DOMENICA, Robert Concerto for Violin & Chamber Orchestra WP, 4 Short Songs WP
DONATONI, Franco Arpege, Holly WP, Hot, Spiri
DRAGSTRA, Willem Stromenti spezzati WP
DRUCKMAN, Jacob Animus IV (1st UK perf.), Come Round
DURKO, Zsolt Fire Music (1st US perf)
DUSAPIN, Pascal Comoedia (1st US perf.)
EARLS, Paul Augenmusik WP, Eliotime WP
EDWARDS, George Kreuz und Quer WP
EISLER, Hanns Chamber Symphony, Vierzehn Arten den Regen zu beschreiben, Septett No. 2
ELLINGTON, Duke Body and Soul, Choo-Choo, Creole Love Call, Demi-Tasse, East St. Louis Toodle-loo, Fugue-a-Ditty, Jam-a-Ditty, A Lull at Dawn, Mood Indigo, On a Turquoise Cloud, Rockin' in Rhythm, Self Portrait (of the Bean),Tiger Rag
ELMQUIST, John Junk Shot
ERB, Donald The Devil's Quickstep
ETLER, Alvin Cello Concerto, Sextet
FALLA, Manuel de El corregidor y la molinera
FELCIANO, Richard Shadows WP
FELDMAN, Morton For Frank O'Hara, The Viola in my Life II
Serenade for Six
FINE, Irving Notturno for Strings and Harp (1st UK perf.)
FOSS, Lukas Embros, Tashi, Time Cycle
Chromance WP
FRANCAIX, Jean L'Horloge de flore
FÜSSL, Karl Heinz Miorita (1st US perf.)
GABRIELI, Giovanni Canzon septimi toni No. 1, Canzona noni toni, Canzone per sonare 2 & 4, Sonata pian' e forte
GANDOLFI, Michael Budget Cuts WP, Grooved Surfaces WP, The Pied Piper of Hamelin WP, Pinocchio's Adventures in Funland
GARFEIN, Herschel Striptease
GAULDIN, Robert Collage WP
GEMINIANI, Francesco Concerto grosso in E minor, Op. 3, No. 3
GENTILE, Ada In un silenzio Ordinato (1st US perf.)
GERHARD, Roberto Libra
GERSHWIN, George Lullaby for Strings
GERSHWIN/BRODY Nice Work if You Can Get It WP
GERSHWIN/CHILD Phase-inatin' Rhythm WP
GERSHWIN/HOFFER Fantasia on They Can't Take That Away From Me WP
GILBERT, David Petit concert WP, Shade Pulsations WP, 4 Songs of Wind WP
GLANERT, Detlev Geheimer Raum
GLASS/MORAN Juniper Tree Variations WP
GREENE, Patrick The Tortoise and the Hare WP, Machine Language for Beginners WP
GRIFFES, Charles Poem for Flute & Orchestra
GROSSKOPF, Erhard Triodie II (1st US perf.)
GRUBER, H.K. Cello Concerto WP, Frankenstein!!, Three MOB Pieces (1st US perf.)
GRUENBERG, Louis The Creation, A Negro Sermon
HANDEL, G.F. Concerti grossi 1-12, Op. 6
HANDY, W.C./WHITEMAN Aunt Hagar's Blues
HARBISON, John Exequien for Calvin Simmons WP, Mirabai Songs, 6 Dumbshows WP, The Seven Ages
HARLAN, Andrew
Animal Locomotion WP
HARRIS, Donald Five Tempi (Ludus III) WP, For the Night to Wear WP, Ludus I, Ludus II WP (& 1st European perf.)
HARRISON, Lou Praise for the Beauty of Hummingbirds
HEISS, John Songs of Nature WP
HERMAN, Richard Stehen Crane Cycle
HINDEMITH, Paul Der Dämon, Die junge Magd, Kammermusiken 1,2,4; Septet for Winds
HINES, Earl Grand Terrace Shuffle
HEPPENER, Robert Derivazioni (1st UK perf.)
HOELLER, York Ex tempore
HOFFER, Bernard A Boston Cinderella WP, Capriccio: Settembre Musica WP, Ma Goose WP, The Nine Circles WP, The Three Little Pigs  WP, Concerto da Camera II WP, Lear in theWilderness WP, Paul Revere's Ride WP
HOLLIGER, Heinz Erde und Himmel (1st US perf.), Glühende Rätsel (1st US perf.)
HOLST, Gustav Brook Green Suite, St. Paul's Suite
HOMANS, Peter Concertino WP, A Prague Spring WP
HORNE, David Spike WP
HORVATH, Josef Maria Origines (1st US perf.)
HOVDA, Eleanor Ariadnemusic WP, Regions WP
HUANG, Joan Yellow Land
HUBER, Klaus Ascensus (1st US perf.), Auf die ruhige Nacht-Zeit (1st US perf.)
HUGGLER, John Bittere Nüsse WP, Capriccio sregolato WP, Music for 13 Instruments WP, Serenata WP
HUGHES, Curtis Verbiage  WP
HURST, Derek Pas de trois  WP
HYLA, Lee Amnesia Variance WP, Lives of the Saints WP, Polish Folksongs WP
INCE, Kamran Hammer Music WP
IVES, Charles At Sea, Calcium Light Night, Central Park in the Dark, Incantation, Like a Sick Eagle, Luck & Work, The Rainbow, Scherzo (All the Way Around and Back), Scherzo (Over the Pavements), The See'r, A Set of Pieces for Theatre Orchestra, Sets 1 & 3, Tone Roads 1 & 3 (1st Russian perf.), The Unanswered Question
IVES/PITTMAN, Richard 5 Street Songs WP
JACOBY, Derek The Emperor's New Clothes WP
JANACEK, Leos Capriccio, Concertino
JENKINS, John Fantasia in 4 Parts, Four Part Fancy
JOPLIN, Scott Easy Winners, The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, Ragtime Dance
KABAT, Jordan
KIM, Earl Dear Linda WP
KOLB, Barbara Soundings WP
KOPELENT, Marek A Few Minutes With an Oboist (1st US perf.)
KORDE, Shirish Blue Topeng WP, Songs of Ecstasy WP, Kala Chakra WP
KNUSSEN, Oliver Rosenkranzlieder (1st US perf.)
KRAFT, William Concerto for Percussion & Chamber Ensemble WP, Gallery 4-5, Settings from Pierrot Lunaire WP
KRENEK, Ernst 3 Merry Marches
KURTAG, György Scenes from a Novel
LANG, Lei Aural Hypothesis WP
LANSKY, Paul Crossworks WP, As if . . .
LEVERING, Arthur Still Raining, Still Dreaming WP
LIDERMAN, Jorge Notebook
LIEBERSON, Peter Lalita, Raising the Gaze WP
LINDBERG, Magnus Quintetto dell'estate
LOEVENDIE, Theo Back Bay Bicinium WP, Bons (1st UK & 1st US perf.), The Nightingale, Scaramuccia (1st UK perf.), 6 Turkish Folk Poems (1st US perf.)
MACKEY, Stephen Indigenous Instruments, Square Holes, Round Pegs (1st UK perf.)
MADERNA, Bruno Serenata No. 2
MARSH, Roger The Song of Abigail (1st US perf.)
MARTINO, Donald Notturno
MARTINU, Bohuslav La revue de cuisine
MASON, Benedict The Adventurer WP, Easy Street WP, The Immigrant WP
MAW, Nicholas Ghost Dances, La vita nuova, Shahnana
MCKINLEY, William Thomas Concerto for Cimbalom & Chamber Ensemble, Golden Petals WP, Paintings VI WP, Poem of Light WP, 6 Impromptus WP
MCPHEE, Colin Nocturne (1st UK perf.), Concerto for Piano and Wind Octet
MEKEEL, Joyce Alarums & Excursions WP, Corridors of Dream WP, Sigil WP
MENDELSSOHN, Felix Violin Concerto in D minor for violin and strings
MESSIAEN, Olivier Oiseaux exotiques
METCALF, John Never Odd or Even (1st US perf.)
MILHAUD, Darius Caramel mou, La creation du monde, 5th Symphonie pour petite orchestre, Trois rag-caprices
MINGUS, Charles Revelations
MONK, Thelonius/HOFFER San Francisco Holiday WP, Straight, No Chaser WP
MOZART, W.A. Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Serenades Nos. 10, 11, 12 for Winds
MULDOWNEY, Dominic 5 Brecht Songs WP
MUSGRAVE, Thea Chamber Concerto No. 2
NANCARROW, Conlon Study No. 6, Study No. 14, Study No. 16
Walls of Light
OLIVERO, Betty Der Golem, Zeks yiddische Lider un Tantz
PAYNE, Anthony A Day in the Life of a Mayfly (1st US perf.)
PENDERECKI, Krzystof Strofy
PERERA, Ronald Crossing the Meridian WP, Three Poems of Günter Grass WP, Visions WP
PERLE, George Sinfonietta I (1st UK perf.), Sonata a quattro
PETERSON, Wayne Transformations (1st UK perf.)
PHIBBS, Joseph
PHO, Hoang
Pyramid of Steel WP
PLESKOW, Raoul Crossplay WP
POPOV, Gavriel Septet
POULENC/PITTMAN Babar the Elephant WP
QU Xiasong Ya Ya WP
RAKOWSKI, David Boy in the Dark WP, Mikronomicon WP, Thickly Settled WP, Arabesques I Have Known WP
RAMEAU, Jean-Phillippe Suite from Les indes galantes
RAN, Shulamit Mirage
RANDS, Bernard Canti di lunatici, Canti del sole
REDEL, Martin Christoph Dispersion WP, Interplay WP
REICH, Steve Music for 18 Musicians, 6 Pianos
RESPIGHI, Ottorino Deita silvane
REVUELTAS, Silvestre First & Second Little Serious Pieces, Homenaje a Garcia Lorca, Ocho por radio, Planos, Toccata (sin Fuga)
RIEGGER, Wallingford Nonet, Scherzo
RIHM, Wolfgang In Frage  US premiere
RILEY, Terry Four Woelfli Portraits
RISSET, Jean-Claude Dialogues (1st US perf.)
ROBISON, Brian The Bonfire of the Civil Liberties WP
ROHWEIN, Julie Borne on the Wind WP
ROSKOTT, Carl Genesis WP
ROUSE, Christopher Rotae Passionis WP
RUGGLES, Carl Angels, Portals, Vox clamans in deserto
RUSSELL, George Aesthetic Gravities WP, All About Rosie, You Are My Sunshine
RZEWSKI, Frederic Roses, 96 for Elliott Carter
SAINT-SAENS, Camille Carnival of the Animals
SALZEDO, Carlos Preambule et jeux
SATIE, Erik Les danses du Piege de Meduse
SCHAT, Peter Concerto da camera (1st UK perf.)
SCHEIDT, Samuel Intrada & Benedicamus Domino
SCHOENBERG, Arnold Chamber Symphony, Op. 9, Die Eiserne Brigade, Pierrot Lunaire, Serenade, Ein Stelldichein, Suite, Verklärte Nacht
SCHRAMM, Betsy Alice and the White Rabbitt's Opera WP, And Birds Are Wings, Sedna: Images of the Alaskan Eskimo WP
SCHREKER, Franz Der Wind
SCHULLER, Gunther 6 Renaissance Lyrics, Transformation, 4 Vignettes WP, Sonata Serenata
SCHWANTNER, Joseph In Aeternam WP, Bestuerze mich, Musik WP,  Canticle of the Evening Bells (1st UK perf.), Consortium I WP, Consortium II WP, Diaphonia Intervallum, Distant Runes & Incantations WP, Elixir WP, Music of Amber, Shadows II WP
SCHWENDINGER, Laura Elise Mise-en-scène  WP
SCHWERTSIK, Kurt Draculas Haus-und Hofmusik (1st US perf.)
SEGERSTROM, Eric Indecisive Dances  WP
SHAPERO, Harold On Green Mountain (1st Italian perf.)
SHAPEY, Ralph Evocation No. 2
SHEPHERD, Sean Lumens (first Boston perf.)
SHIFRIN, Seymour In Eius Memoriam, The Nick of Time, Satires of Circumstance
SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitri Suite for Jazz Orchestra
SESSIONS, Roger Concertino (1st UK perf.)
SEEGER, Ruth Crawford Music for Small Orchestra, Three Poems
SHEPHERD, Sean Lumens (first Boston perf.)
SILSBEE, Ann And Who So Witnessed WP, Spirals
SIMS, Ezra Celebration of Dead Ladies WP, Elegie nach Rilke WP, Musing and Reminiscence WP, Phenomena WP, String Quartet No. 2 (1962) WP,
Four Landscapes  WP
SMITH, Hale Dialogues and Commentaries WP, Introduction, Cadenzas & Incantations
SPRATLAN, Lewis Coils WP, Of Time and the Seasons WP
STADELMAN, Jeffrey Marxville Songbook WP
STEINBERG, Eitan Rava Deravin WP, Two Grandfathers Sing (1st US perf.)
STEIGER, Rand Elliott's Instruments WP
STILL, William Grant Danzas de Panama, Folk Song Suites 2 & 4
STOCK, David Flashback WP, Scat WP
STOCKHAUSEN, Karlheinz Kontra-Punkte, Kreuzspiel
STOUT, Alan 2 Songs of Ariel WP, Die Engel WP, Laudi WP, Pieta WP, Septet WP
STRAVINSKY, Igor Concertino for 12 Instruments, First & Second Petite Suites for Orchestra, Histoire du soldat, In Memoriam Dylan Thomas, Octet, Septet, Symphonies of Wind Instruments, Tango
STUCKY, Steven Ad Parnassum WP, Boston Fancies WP, Cantus (East Coast premiere)
SURINACH, Carlos Ritmo Jondo
SZABELSKI, Boleslaw Aphorisms 9
TAKEMITSU, Toru Rain Spell
THOW, John All Hallows WP, Quaternion WP
TORKE, Michael Ceremony of Innocence
UNG, Chinary Child Song
VACCHI, Fabio Canti di Benjaminovo WP
VARESE, Edgard Hyperprism, Integrales, Ionisation, Octandre, Offandres
VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor Choros No. 4
VESS, David
Granite Shrines WP
VIVALDI, Antonio Concerto Grosso in D, Op. 3, No. 11
VORES, Andy Air Baby WP, Forgot WP, Umberhulk WP, Vanishing Cream WP, Fabrication 15: Amplification WP
VRIES, Hans de Piano Concerto WP, Tombeaux (1st UK perf.)
WAGNER, Richard Siegfried Idyll
WARREN, Harry/WHITEMAN Jeepers Creepers
WEAVER, Matthew
Sequential Passions WP
WEBERN, Anton von 5 Canons, Op. 16, Concerto, Op. 24, 6 Lieder, Op. 14, Quartet, Op. 22, Symphony, Op. 21
WEELKES, Thomas Fantasia for Strings
WEILL, Kurt Frauentanz, Kleine Dreigroschenmusik, Violin Concerto
WEIR, Judith King Harald Sails to Byzantium, Blue-Green Hill WP
WHEELOCK, Donald Music for Seven Players WP
WHITE, Barbara Learning to See WP, Lift WP, My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon
WIDMANN, Joerg umduestert . .  US premiere
WILSON, Olly A City Called Heaven WP, No More
WOLFF, Christian For Morty, Digger Song WP
WOLPE, Stefan Chamber Piece No. 1 for 14 Instruments, From Here On Farther, Music for Trumpet & 7 Instruments, Quartet
WOOLF, Randall Ice 9 WP
WUORINEN, Charles Chamber Concerto for Oboe & 10 Players
YUN, Isang Piece concertante (1st US & UK perf.), Concerto for Flute & Small Orchestra, Musik für 7 Instrumente
ZIPORYN, Evan Dreams of a Dominant Culture WP, Dog
ZOLL, Charles Bailes encima del escritorio  (Northeast premiere)
ZWILICH, Ellen Taaffe Chamber Symphony WP, Passages WP, Prologue & Variations (1st UK perf.)

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