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Telephone: 617-969-3629
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Comments from published reviews

"Icarus a dazzling mix of the musical and visual, Boston Musica Viva--Everything about the playing of the Boston Musica Viva bespoke Richard Pittman’s preparation, skill, commitment. A vivid evening."
-Richard Buell, Boston Globe

"Musica Viva starts with vivid tones at opener--But to name just two of the night’s superb players is to overlook Pittman’s uncanny ability to put together the perfect ensemble every time (now there’s a tradition to cherish)."
-T.J. Medrek, Boston Sunday Herald

"National Symphony Orchestra, Dublin: ...thanks in no small measure to Richard Pittman’s resourceful control and the whole-hearted response of the NSO."
-Douglas Sealy, The Irish Times

"Musica Viva at Schoenberg Institute--Pittman gently kept the reduced forces in line, expertly managing the many tempo changes and busy textures with convincing insight."
-Gregg Wager, Los Angeles Times

"New England Philharmonic, Bluebeard’s Castle--But as Pittman splendidly led the orchestra through the music’s magnificent moans and deep, woeful sighs, both (singers) responded by singing with the passion that fills every note of the score."
-T.J. Medrek, Boston Sunday Herald

"Musica Viva goes electronic for a night--Musica Viva’s music director Richard Pittman . . . put together a marvelous program of old and new electronic music, and has as always, a cracker-jack ensemble to play along with it."
-Susan Larson, Boston Globe

"NCO season finale a successful evening, Nebraska Chamber Orchestra--Pittman seems to have a communication with the orchestra that brought the music to the fore."
-Donald Callen Freed, Lincoln Journal

"Philharmonic invites a few unexpected guests to join its Tchaikovsky--Under Richard Pittman, the orchestral playing was alert, firm, sonorous."
-Richard Buell, Boston Globe

"Sweetness & dark, Boston Musica Viva--One of the most pleasing aspects of Boston Musica Viva is the aptness of music director Richard Pittman’s programming."
-T.J. Medrek, Bay Windows

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